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✅ Removal of Pet Hair:100% natural rubber brush can easily attract and remove pet hair on multiple surfaces, just like a magnet. You can easily remove hair and dirt from carpets, tiles, hardwood floors and linoleum without having to worry about scratching the floor.

✅ Two-In-One Design:Rubber brooms collect dust, hair and paper from floors and carpets easily and are 50% more efficient than ordinary brooms. Ash or pet hair does not fly in the air during cleaning. The broom head with a scraper can also easily clean windows or spills, saving you the trouble of using towels or mops for extra drying.  

✅ Adjustable Handle:The adjustable size of the handle is 29 ~ 50 inches. A long enough size to clean any hard-to-reach places. No need to bend over at a low place or use a ladder at a height.

✅ Reuse  Like New:Natural rubber is easy to clean, has good waterproof and fast drying. Cleaning with soapy water can easily remove dust and pet hair on the brush head, keep the broom clean and look like new.

✅ Suitable  for All Occasions:Waterproof and durable rubber brushes make it easy to clean all kinds of floors, furniture, windows, glass and more. Also suitable for outdoor areas such as gardens, balconies, patios, garage cleaning floors, pool decks, cleaning water or spills.










Rubber Broom Pet Hair Removal Device

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