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Protect Your Home & Bed From Pesky Bugs Naturally! Did you know that bed bugs and dust mites are a leading cause of allergies, illnesses and breathing problems in adults and young children? Mites and bug bites trigger inflamed skin, blocked noses, eczema, rhinitis, flu symptoms, acne, allergies, itchiness, and other common health issues. With the UltraSonicGuard™ Bedbug Killer you can eliminate these dangerous pests without needing to use harmful chemicals or excessively changing your current routine! This device protects your home by emitting ultrasonic and electro-magnetic waves that attack the pests' central, nervous and auditory systems. The best part is that these waves are completely inaudible to human beings and pets! It noiselessly eradicates bed bugs in the deepest recesses of your mattress so you can get a proper night’s sleep!

UltraSonicGuard Insect, Dust Mite & Bed Bug Killer

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